Friday, September 28, 2018

▷ Fox News fires contributor for making disparaging remarks about Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers ✅

A regular Fox News contributor has been fired from the cable news network for using grossly inappropriate language to describe the women accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Kevin Jackson went too far during a series of tweets that coincided with Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, calling the Supreme Court nominee’s female accusers “lying skanks,” and telling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to “stop opening your legs and OPEN A BOOK!”

Fired on his day off

Jackson, who hosts a podcast where listeners are “trigger-warned” that the show “puts the spank on politics and pop culture with satire and wit,” didn’t wait long to comment on Ford’s Thursday morning testimony. Instead of questioning the inconsistencies in her story or her troubling lack of witnesses, though, Jackson decided to comment on Ford’s appearance.

When a concerned Twitter user scolded Jackson for using an “antiquated euphemism” that was “out of line and extremely rude,” Jackson merely twisted the knife that he planted in Dr. Ford’s back.

“Lying skanks is what these 3 women are,” he said, “and we ALL know more.”

Jackson refused to relent, keeping up the foul taunts and name-calling throughout the confirmation hearing. Even after Twitter users began sharing Jackson’s tweets with Fox News and other conservative radio hosts who have hosted him before, Jackson was unapologetic.

“Well luckily I work for myself,” he tweeted.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the political pundit’s despicable statements to catch up with him. Later that day, Fox News issued an official statement announcing Jackson’s a change in Jackson’s employment status, saying: “Kevin Jackson has been terminated as a contributor. His comments on today’s hearings were reprehensible and do not reflect the values of Fox News.”


The conservative news network quickly learned that they made the right decision in terminating their relationship with Jackson. Even after his unceremonious ouster from broadcast news, Jackson was unrepentant, explaining that he was simply fighting “like a leftist.”

Jackson isn’t helping the conservative cause by issuing wholesale ad hominem insults to liberal women. By doing so, he only legitimizes those on the left who fear that conservatives are misogynists and bigots.

Although Senate Democrats may have used Dr. Ford to advance their political agenda, stooping to the same depths will only serve to undermine the political rifts currently polarizing American society. Fox made the right move here.

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