Saturday, November 10, 2018

Colorado Republicans Ken and Perry Buck file for divorce

While Colorado’s 4th Congressional District Republican Rep. Ken Buck was able to secure his solidly conservative district on Election Day this month, he can’t say the same for his marriage.

After 22 years together, Buck and his wife, state Rep. Perry Buck (R-Windsor), are calling it quits and filing for divorce.

The Buck stops here

On Nov. 6, Ken and Perry Buck each won landslide victories in their respective districts. Three days later, the conservative couple filed for divorce, suggesting that they may have held their marriage together until after the election for the sake of appearances.

News of the split was announced by the congressman’s office on Friday and subsequently published by Greeley Tribune. The statement reads:

Congressman Ken Buck and Representative Perry Buck filed for divorce on Friday, Nov. 9. This is a painful process for them and their family, but in the midst of this difficulty they remain deeply respectful of one another and greatly reliant on God. During this sad time they would appreciate privacy.

State Rep. Perry Buck has been a Republican member of the Colorado General Assembly since 2013. She represents District 49, which includes all of Larimer County, except Fort Collins and Loveland, plus the city of Windsor.

Ken Buck has represented the 4th District since 2014, most recently defeating Democratic contender Karen McCormick by more than 20 points to keep his House seat.

In 2010, Mr. Buck rose to national prominence as a Tea Party underdog after winning a “bitterly contested” Senate primary race against Lt. Governor Jane Norton. He was narrowly defeated in the general election.

Buck, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, co-wrote a D.C. tell-all in 2017, titled “Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Thinks.” He blasted Washington politicians as “fat and happy alligators who feel pretty darn comfortable in the swamp,” criticizing the waste and sloth of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Legislative lovers

Congressman Buck has two children from his first marriage to his Princeton girlfriend which lasted a decade.

After that marriage ended in 1994, Buck’s mother introduced him to Perry, a successful banker and businesswoman. They married two years later.

Printed during Ken Buck’s 2010 Senate bid, a Denver Post profile of the conservative couple may have exposed some marital stressors that the pair were experiencing. Mrs. Buck put aside her personal ambitions and compromise her career as a successful businesswoman to focus on her husband’s political career.

“The focus is not growing my business right now. It’s getting Ken elected,” Perry Buck said in 2010 after admitting that her once-profitable event-planning business merely broke even the year before. “I wouldn’t want someone to feel sorry for me,” she added.

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