Saturday, November 10, 2018

▷ ‘We Are Watching Closely’: Trump Accuses FL Officials of ‘Trying to Steal’ Elections Ahead of Recount ✅

President Donald Trump promised to keep a close eye on the recount process in Florida after the secretary of state announced a recount of the votes for the Senate and governor’s races.

Since the polls closed Tuesday evening, all eyes have been on Florida. On Election Day, it looked as though Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis had won their elections.

In fact, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum even conceded his race.

Now, after several votes rolled in from Broward County under a veil of secrecy, the races are much closer. Broward County is the second-most populous county in the state

Before Florida’s secretary of state called for the machine recount, Trump had already unleashed on Broward County, calling it an “embarrassment.”

The president also claimed that both Democrats had conceded, which was incorrect. Only Gillum conceded on election night, but that distinction wouldn’t make a difference because concessions are not binding in any way.

Now, all Florida votes must be recounted via machine. In the Senate race, incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson trails Scott by around 12,000 votes — or 0.15 percent.

As for the governor’s race, DeSantis has a more comfortable lead over Gillum of around 33,700 votes — or 0.41 percent.

Still, many Republicans have been outraged by the lack of transparency by Broward County since the polls closed, with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) being the loudest critic:

Trump went as far as to accuse Broward County of trying to steal the election:

It isn’t clear what the outcome of the recount will be. Gillum welcomed the recount, bashing Trump and demanding that every vote is counted even though he made his nonbinding concession on Tuesday night.

The machine recount must be completed before 3 p.m. ET on Thursday afternoon for both the Senate race and the governor’s race.

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