Friday, December 14, 2018

BREAKING: Mexico Closes Their Own Southern Border to Guatemala!

Is President Trump’s immigration philosophy rubbing off on Mexico?

Mexico is finally clamping down on their own southern border to thwart caravans including shutting down ports of entry from Guatemala.

According to a report from BBC, after a group of migrants stormed the U.S.-Mexico border Mexico says it has deported nearly 100 Central American migrants a day after they tried to storm the US border.

The group, among thousands of migrants heading towards the US, was rounded up after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” on Sunday, said the interior ministry.

Video footage shows dozens of people running towards the border fence near the city of Tijuana.

Watch the video:


It seems President Donald Trump’s refusal to allow migrants to illegally enter the U.S. has sparked a move by Mexico to close its own border.

But the government of incoming Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador isn’t focusing on the shared border with its American neighbor to the north.

Instead, illegal entries at its southern border with Guatemala will be closed off by the government, Mexico’s top security official said Wednesday, according to The Washington Times.

Despite the thousands who crossed that southern border in migrant caravans in the last months – with many breaking through a border fence into Mexico in October – Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero noted that was “no longer an issue.”

“Do you know why it is no longer an issue? Because in five days this administration solved the issue, five days,” she said, according to The Times. “The United States was impressed.”

Sanchez Cordera was referring to the first week since Obrador took office on Dec. 1, launching stricter policies to combat the problem of illegal immigration. The leftist president spoke with Trump on Wednesday about issues including migration.

“In respectful and friendly terms, we spoke about the migration issue and the possibility of implementing a joint program of development and job creation in Central America and our country,” Lopez Obrador tweeted Wednesday.

Illegal crossings at the border between Mexico and Guatemala, especially over the Suchiate River which runs much of the course, will end with the new administration, Sanchez Cordera noted. While the U.S.-Mexico border runs nearly 2,000 miles, the southern border with Guatemala is only 540 miles long.

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