Thursday, December 6, 2018

Caravan Migrants Spill the Beans, Reveal How Many Have Already Crossed Over Illegally

According to new reports coming from members of the migrant caravans, some, including Honduran migrant Leslie Yoana Coban, are now openly discussing their plans for immigrating illegally into the United States.

In addition, caravan members are revealing many have already found a way to cross over illegally.

Coban abandoned her four children, two teenagers and a four and one-year-old, to join the caravan of Central American migrants, and after three months on the road and in camps throughout Mexico, she plans to hire a smuggler with help from brothers living in the US.

When asked about her children, Coban seemed nonchalant, and said she hoped they could make it to the US, but if not, “then they will have to stay in Honduras,” while explaining that since she abandoned her children, her oldest daughter has run away from home.

Another member, Karen Aviles, explained that many pregnant migrant women have illegally migrated into the United States in order to give birth on US soil, taking advantage of birthright citizenship laws.

Aviles said that her pregnant niece and nephew illegally crossed into the US, and hope to give birth this week, and said she would have joined them, had she been present at the time of their crossing.

The plan appears to ultimately be to have one member make it to the United States by any means necessary, including illegally crossing, then bringing other family members over.

According to reporting from the Epoch Times, for $9,000 “coyote” can take anyone across the U.S. border illegally.

From The Epoch Times:

TIJUANA, Mexico—Leslie Yoana Coban left her four children in Honduras—on her ex-husband’s doorstep. She told them she was running an errand. Her eldest daughter, 14, has since run away from home. Her other children are aged 13, 4, and 1.

Three months later, Coban is ready to leave Tijuana to live with her father in Mexico while she waits for her U.S.-based brothers to find a “coyote” to take her across the U.S. border illegally—for $9,000.

Her goal, she said, is to work in the United States and eventually bring her children over, but if that doesn’t work out, “then they will have to stay in Honduras.”

Karen Aviles said she knows of many caravan members who have already crossed illegally in the past week, including her niece and nephew and their spouses.

Her nephew’s wife was due to give birth on Dec. 5.

“That’s why they hurried, so the baby could be born in the United States,” Aviles said Dec. 2. “The day they crossed, I wasn’t there; otherwise, I would have gone with them.”

Aviles has eight children of her own, ranging in age between 5 and 19—she brought two with her and left the others behind in Honduras.

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