Sunday, January 13, 2019

BREAKING: Trump Touts Syria Withdrawal “Time to Bring Our Troops HOME!”

On Sunday, President Trump took to Twitter to further detail his plans of withdrawing US combat forces from Syria, which he called “long overdue,” while simultaneously continuing to target “the little remaining” ISIS-controlled terrorize in the region.

Speaking to critics who feared the reformation of ISIS, which has been virtually eliminated under his leadership, Trump asserted that the US would be ready to “attack again from [an] existing nearby base if [ISIS] reforms.”

President Trump continued on to detail his hopes that peace between Middle Eastern territories can be achieved, and said that, while the US has benefited from its involvement in the ongoing conflicts, “it is now time to bring our troops back home.”

“Stop the ENDLESS WARS!” added Trump, echoing sentiments previously espoused during his earlier announcement of the withdraw from Syria, as well as a planned reduction of US troops in Afghanistan.

Since making his surprise announcement, President Trump has increasingly signaled his desire to remove United States military personnel from combat operations overseas, and has repeatedly touted the need from ending such military endeavors.

After announcing the decision to withdraw from Syria in late 2018, President Trump has remained firm on the issue, despite facing initial opposition from some advisers.

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