Friday, January 11, 2019

CBS BUSTED Deleting a “Fact Check” Attempt That Proved Trump was RIGHT!

CBS is facing mounting backlash after the network was reportedly caught attempting to delete a “fact check” of President Trump’s primetime address on Tuesday evening, after the network’s information proved him right.

In fact, according to data posted by CBS, as the crisis at the border continues, migrant women attempting to illegally enter the US are even more likely to be sexually assaulted than Trump stated during his address – data the network promptly deleted.

Some social media users speculated that Trump may have intentionally misquoted the number of rapes occurring at the US-Mexico border in anticipation of the media’s eagerness to “correct” his statements.

In the now-deleted link, CBS cited estimates from Amnesty International which suggested that between 60-80 percent of migrant women attempting to illegally immigrate to the US are raped along the way, further highlighting Trump’s urgent calls for increased security.

The media’s coverage of the ongoing crisis at the border has drawn heated criticism for what many have called biased, as prominent members of the press have continued to espouse partisan sentiments while reporting on the issue.

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