Sunday, January 13, 2019

Democrats Move to Subpoena Trump’s Interpreters Who Were Present in Trump’s Meeting with Vladimir Putin

Here we go again.

House Democrats are making moves behind the scenes with lawyers on Monday to evaluate their legal options for subpoenaing interpreters who attended President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To hell with the interpreter’s professional ethics, executive privilege or government rules, right, Democrats?

ABC News reported that a senior Dem aide on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said the Washington Post’s new reporting that Trump seized notes from the interpreter at his meeting with Putin in Hamburg, “has changed the calculus.”

“This raises a new host of questions,” the aide told ABC News. “We’re looking into the legal implications of that, and we’ll discuss our options. Our lawyers are sitting down with intel committee lawyers to hash it out.”

On Saturday night the Washington Post released a garbage story claiming President Trump did not tell every little detail of his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Finland.

So now the House Dems are going to waste time and resources investigating the interpreter and the meeting.

Last year House Democrats tried to subpoena Trump’s interpreter after his meeting with Putin, but the House Republicans shot them down.

Vladimir Putin’s mouthpiece, Adam Schiff (D-CA), questioned President Trump’s loyalty to America on Sunday morning and floated the idea of subpoenaing Trump’s interpreters.

SCHIFF: Last year, we sought to obtain the interpreter’s notes or testimony, from the private meeting between Trump and Putin. The Republicans on our committee voted us down. Will they join us now? Shouldn’t we find out whether our president is really putting “America first?”

It’s not just the Republicans who are pushing against this insanity — many in the Democratic caucus have argued against subpoenaing Trump’s interpreters as well because it could make it more difficult for presidents to have face-to-face interviews with foreign leaders which could ultimately harm diplomacy.

Interpreters also have high security clearances and many argue that the President’s executive privilege extends to the interpreter as well.

The mentally deranged Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are marching right ahead though.

ABC News reported that House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY) announced that he’s forming a separate investigative subcommittee to investigate Trump’s interactions with Putin.

“Every time Trump meets with Putin, the country is told nothing,” Engel said in a statement.

“We will be holding hearings on the mysteries swirling around Trump’s bizarre relationship with Putin and his cronies, and how those dark dealings affect our national security.”

Trump’s bizarre relationship with Putin? The only people who have an unhealthy and bizarre obsession with Vladimir Putin are the Democrats and their stenographers in the media.

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