Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tucker Spars with Pro-Choice Advocate Over Dem’s Late-Term Abortion Advocacy Firestorm

Tucker Carlson confronted a pro-abortion activist on late-term abortions, and she refused to discuss the topic.

That’s because 84 percent of Americans are against late-term abortion.

NPR reports that public opinion on abortion rights is often framed as a binary choice between two political positions, but a closer look at new polling data from Gallup reveals more nuance.

While a majority of Americans support legalized abortion in early pregnancy, most oppose it in the later stages, according to the survey.

Gallup finds that 60 percent of Americans believe abortion generally should be legal during the first three months of pregnancy, known as the first trimester. That support drops by more than half, to 28 percent, once a pregnancy reaches the second trimester; it falls to 13 percent in the third trimester, at which point the fetus is often viable with medical support.

Watch the video:

From Daily Caller

Tucker Carlson got into a heated debate with a pro-choice woman on his show Wednesday night while discussing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments about abortion from earlier in the day.

In an interview Wednesday morning, the governor was asked about whether he supports abortion being legal until the moment before birth. In his response, Northam suggested that he’d be okay with a mother deciding to abort a baby after its born.

Carlson had Monica Klein, a founding parter at Seneca Strategies, a group dedicated to promoting progressive female “candidates, non-profits and issue campaigns,” on his show to talk about the governor’s comments.

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