Saturday, March 16, 2019

Don Jr Replies as “Limp” Jeb Bush Eyes 2020 Run “Wasn’t the First Thrashing Enough For You?”

Recently, former Republican governor and failed 2016 candidate Jeb Bush, a vocal critic of then-candidate Donald Trump who has remained so throughout his presidency, urged a Republican to challenge the incumbent Trump in the upcoming election.

After implying that President Trump’s ideas aren’t challenging to Democrats, as well as questioning Trump’s conservatism, Bush said he hoped “someone” would run – and quickly caught the attention of the president’s son, Donald Trump Junior.

“I personally think it should be Jeb,” suggested Don Jr., noting the “limp exclamation point” in reference to Bush’s “Jeb!” campaign slogan, before asking, “or was the first thrashing enough for you, buddy?”

Trump supporters agreed, with many urging Jeb to make good on his implications and attempt to run again in 2020 for the sheer amusement of watching his debate performances.

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