Saturday, March 16, 2019

WATCH: Senator Slaps 17 Year Old Boy After Being Egged in the Head!

An Australian senator was egged inn the back of his head, by a teenage boy, during a press conference about the recent New Zealand mosque shooting.

He then responded by slapping the boy and a scuffle ensued until the two were pulled apart.

CBS News reported that teenage boy cracked an egg on the head of a far-right Australian politician as he spoke to reporters in Melbourne on Saturday. In the footage, Queensland Sen. Fraser Anning is shown immediately turning and striking the boy in the face before taking another swing.

Anning was giving an interview to News 7 Sydney when the boy smashed the egg on the side of his head. After Anning threw the two punches, the two were separated and the boy was tackled to the ground by other men. Victoria Police said they arrested the boy but later released him without charge.

Police said they are still investigating the incident, including the actions of Anning and others at the scene.

Watch the video:

Here is an alternate angle:

Reaction on Twitter was mixed with some arguing the boy was asking for it and others feeling the adult should have shown more restraint in his response.

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